How to Post an GIFs on Facebook



Akhirnya fitur yang ditunggu-tunggu keluar juga, udah sekian lama nunggu akhirnya datang juga!


Yak, komentar menggunakan GIF. Hal yang cuman bisa gue dapetin di 9GAG kini hadir di Facebook.

Oke langsung aja, sebenernya caranya cukup mudah, ini step by stepnya:




Finally, you can post a GIF on Facebook. This is how to post an Gifs on Facebook

step one, open: / / (Choose one)

step two: right click GIF/Animation Image that you like. (If you use memeful you just need to left click and it’s done) (in this tutorial I use forgif)


step three: open your facebook homepage, click status, right-click and paste. ( you can use CTRL+V )


step four post-it!

Additional information:

– You can post a GIF on people post/status.

– You can’t post a GIF on Fans Page post. (maybe it will be on next update)

– You can insert GIF on your chat. (must use computer, you can’t use mobile phone)

– Mobile phone user can’t see your GIF comment / GIF post.

– Mobile phone user can see your GIF on chat.


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