Healthy and Save Internet

#HNSI is a program who come from Ministry of Communication and Informatics Republic of Indonesia.

The purpose is to give an steering and teaching to all over people in Indonesia, but not just Indonesian. International too.

And what does #HNSI program stand for?

Like i said before, it’s for steering and teaching to all over people in Indonesia about internet and technology, risk on the Internet like “porn, gambling, malware and etc”and about internet ethic.

Ambassador of Healthy and Save Internet

About 6 month ago from this post i create, Ambassador of Healthy and Internet was created. Our member is from best 20 student all over Indonesian. Yes because we refer to the Indonesian motto’s: “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”

Ambassador of Healthy and Save Internet was found by Ministry of Communication and Informatics Republic of Indonesia. It’s a honor to be 20th of them, which i gather with some owner of metroworldhost.com (Site hosting), Playnesia (Game Dev), and some student who have much achievement like Nathasya, Cindi and Hariono. If you want to read all of achievement that they have got, you can open this site.

Ambassador of Healthy and Save Internet are:

1. Abrory Ben Barka ( DKI Jakarta, Jakarta )
2. Alfian Pamungkas Sakawiguna ( West Java, Sukabumi )
3. Clarensia Michelle ( DKI Jakarta, Jakarta )
4. Sitti Nadia Tri Septiani ( South Sulawesi, Maros )
5. Maharani Dewanti Parta ( DIY Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta )
6. Natasha Nagasari ( West Java, Bogor )
7. IGusti Agung Vivekananda ( Bali, Tabanan )
8. Alicia Kartika ( DKI Jakarta, Jakarta )
9. Nathasya E. J. Silaen ( DKI Jakarta, Jakarta )
10. Danny Rizky Pradana Dakhrisman ( East Borneo, Tanah Grogot )
11. Muhamad Fakhri ( DKI Jakarta, Jakarta )
12. Stanley Wijaya ( East Java, Magetan )
13. Hariono ( South Sumatra, Palembang )
14. Abiyasa Musyafa Wairagya ( West Java, Bogor )
15. Suci Lestari ( South Sulawesi, Palopo )
16. Vivi Permata Sari ( East Java, Malang )
17. Cindi Feronika ( South Sumatra, Palembang )
18. Dayu Setya Putra ( Central Java, Semarang )
19. Ikhwan Nul Yusuf Maulana ( West Java, Sukabumi )
20. M. Shabirin ( Jambi, Kuala Tungkal )

As a member, i have do some socialization about Healthy and Save Internet in my school and join Relawan TIK Indonesia.

This is me when socialization about #HNSI at the school extracurricular.
Suci Lestari when socialization about #HNSI in Palopo
From right: Clarensia Anathasya Michele, Alicia Kartika and our advisor Mrs. Christie Damayanti


Cindi Fernokia when Socialization in her school.
from right: Our advisor Mrs. Marha and Mrs. Christie Damayanti, Nathasya E. J. Silaen, Clarensia Anathasya Michele and Mr. Valentino when sosialization about #HNSI
Abrori Ben Barka speech about #HNSI
Alicia Kartika when do a speech about #HNSI in “Pagelaran Anak Bangsa”
Hariono, when teach about #HNSI


Ikhwan Nul Yusuf Maulana, give a speech about Bullying.
Birin, in leasure time give an speech about #HNSI
From right: Birin, Dayu, Danny, Nathasya, Nadya. source: Irwin Day
When we got a lecture from Mrs. Dewi Motik as Leader of Indonesia women unity. source: Irwin Day


Mr. Kharisna Pabhicara when give a lecture about how to be good at writting. source: Irwin Day
Mrs. Soraya Haque give Alfian about how to speech well in front of public. source: Irwin Day
Mrs. Novita Tandry aware us about Bullying and do a good behavior in public. source: Irwin Day
Mr. Salahuddien when give a speech about UU ITE. source: Irwin Day
Ms. Ollie when give us how to be Technopreneur. source: Irwin Day

Here’s some articles that include us:
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