No pain, No game / Nano [Btooom! OP]

When you feel you’ve reached the last dead end
what will you do to save yourself from fate?
Would you take a knife into your heart
or would you rather break the fall and take defeat?

Ah, step out and find your evolution.

Beautiful lyrics huh? Yeah I think so, this song have a lot of meaningfull lyrics and have nice music.


Actually, I already heard this song from Btooom!. It’s an anime that competed with Sword Art Online at that time.
Both of them have a same story idea. The game of death. But I still prefer Btooom! Rather than Sword Art Online because there’s a fan service >< #

JK bro, because I thought at that time Btooom! Have a good story line and SAO was too mainstream. And also the society were talked SAO anytime and anywhere, I kinda bored with that.

So I decided to stop watch SAO around eps 8 and watch Btooom! till finish!


The title of this song is No pain, No game by Nano.




Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Review

So I try to make a review, this is my first time. :D

(Sorry for bad English, I need more practice.)

I got this headset in last January, the first gaming headset that I ever had from Sony. It is Gold Stereo Wireless Headset. This headset is quite cheap for gaming headset which have price around $100. (You can see over here)

Sony give 2 version for this headset, the limited edition (have white color) and the regular version (have black color). And as you can see, I have the regular version.


Sound Quality

Nowdays I’m not play game anymore, so I can’t tell you about the sound quality that this headset have for gaming, but this headset have 7.1 surround sound techology the most advance sound technology for today.

You can try your headset quality by watch this video.

So, how was your headset quality? is it still good enough? :D



If we talk about headset, it’s not complete if we don’t talk about bass. If you use the default equalizer which means everything is in the middle, you can’t feel the bass (maybe because this headset is for gaming). But you can change on the control panel. I put my equalizer setting under this video if you need help with it. If you want to test your bass quality, try to watch this video, because it hav a lot of bass that make feel eargasm. ><

I always use that music when I want to try the bass.




This headset have a same size with other headset, but the difference is this headset doesn’t have microphone stick in front of your mouth, but it’s integrated inside your headset so you don’t feel disturbed with the microphone. Like you want to drink and playing game at the same time, you need to move the microphone first before you put your glass on your mouth right? but if you use this headset you don’t need to do that.



If you see at the speaker of headset, you see there’s a button that says: Mute and Volume setting. So when you play you can use your headset to setting the volume and the out sound. But I never use this because we have the shortcut for volume right? :D








Oh my, the image is blur-___-


Box is inside the box, so if you take out the box you will find this box. Boxception? Yes it is.


You can use this headset for your Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita. Not only that, I already use for Phones, iPad and PC too!


This is inside the headset case.


There’s a bag for headset, battery,wireless adaptor, manual book.



IMO, I think this headset is worth for the less budget gamers, you can use this headset with wireless mode and you can use this headphone for style too, I think you can use this headset for style too, and maybe if you have the limited edition it will more stylist because it have an elegant color. WHITE!

FOr the





CEO Startup asal Indonesia ke Shark Tank.

Wiiiiii, gak nyangka bener dah.

Ada yang pernah nonton Shark Tank? Itu lho, Reality Tv Show yang ngasih investasi ke perusahaan kecil. One of my favourite TV show in America.

Kebetulan lagi baca Hipwee, ada berita sukses tentang CEO startup asal Indonesia yang naanya Max Gunawan dengan lampu Lumionya.

Pas lagi baca gak taunya ada gambar dengan background yang gak asing banget di mata gue, yak, Shark Tank.

Pertama ngeliat ini masih ngomong “masa sih?”
Pas ngeliat ini, “Oke, saatnya cari di youtube.”

Gak nanggung-nanggung, langsung 5 shark nawarin ke dia semua, dan yang paling ga nyangka pas gue nonton videonya Mr. Wonderful a.k.a Mr. O’leary ngenaikin value perusahaan dari 3jt dollar jadi 6jt dollar.Widih, baru pertama kali dari denger Mr. Wonderful ngasih penawaran segitu.

Akhirnya setelah perdebatan diantara “Shark”, Robert Herjavec ngedapetin deal dengan 300ribu dollar untuk 10%

Ini kalo mau nonton videonya.