Milih yang mana? Internet cepet atau download gratisan?

Indonesia Translation is Under the English Text

Hello guys!

So a few days ago I posted about Internet in US is very different speed with Indonesia. Which in Indonesia I just got 3Mbps/sec and in here I got about 2 ¾ times more that it. About 8.61Mbps/sec.

You know. If I download something, i’ll get about 1,1Mbps/sec. It’s fast enough huh? To download some movies, games, cartoon and application or watch YouTube, steaming TV or porn without buffering maybe.

But here’s the thing. I don’t know about Internet Law in here, but when I see some Yahoo Answer about someone who want download some stuff freely. And the answer is “You can’t do nothing here. Bought it. Or you will meet the FBI”. Then, to make sure I search some news about “arrested download music” and there is it! “12 Years Old Sued for Music Downloading” I read the news, blah-blah-blah-PENALTIES OF UP TO $150,000 PER SONG?????


I don’t want to destroy my beautiful life mannnn….

I don’t want to destroy my life because I just downloaded 1 FREE SOFTWARE



That would be a nightmare if you do it. You download an application, you install it and next day the FBI is knock your door.

The only thing that I can say at the court is: “But… But… But…”

Nah, different with Indonesia. You guys still can download the free-stuff, like a pirate who sail from a torrent to another torrent, take other people creativity and share the stuff on the internet. Watch the movie freely, use professional expensive stuff like CAD (did you know? It’s $5000 or you can say it about Rp 62 Jt), watch anime on fansub, share a hundred giga porn to your friend.

But maybe, if the government of Indonesia enfore some law, say it like SOPA/PIPA. Maybe the penalties of freestuff can pay out all of the Indonesian debt.

So, I have a poll. Maybe you can fill it or just keep it in your heart maybe, cause I don’t want you to throw away your quota for some un-useless thing.

Which one did you need? Hi-speed internet or download free stuff.


Jadi beberapa hari lalu gue sempet ngeposting tentang Internet di US yang super duper beda sama di Indonesia. Yang mana waktu gue di Indonesia cuman dapet 3Mbps/dtk dan disini gue bisa dapet 2 ¾ kali lipatnya lebih cepet internetnya sekitar 8.61Mbps/dtk.

Tau kan seberapa cepet dengan gue ngedownload sesuatu. Kemungkinan gue bakalan ngedownload dengan kecepatan 1.1Mbps/sec. Lumayan kan buat download film, game, animasi dan aplikasi atau nonton youtube, streaming tv atau bokep tanpa ngebuffer mungkin?

Tapi ada satu hal lagi disini yang bener-bener beda. Gue masih kurang ngerti sama UU ITE disini. Tapi dari beberapa jawaban di Yahoo Answer tetang orang yang pengen ngedownload sesuatu secara gratis. Dan jawaban yang gue temuin adalah “Lu ga bisa download disini. Lu beli, atau lu ketemu FBI”. Masih penasaran, gue cari tau lagi, gue coba untuk nyari beberapa berita tentang “Ditangkap karena ngedownload musik” dan ini dia! “Bocah umur 12 tahun massuk pengadilan karena ngedownload musik”. Kemudian gue baca beritanya, “blah-blah-blah-KENA DENDA HINGGA 1,8M PER JUDUL”


Gue ga mau ngancurin hidup gue yang indah ini kaliiii…

Gue ga mau ngancurin hidup gue ini gara-gara gue ngedownload 1 software bajakan…



Mungkin ini bakalan jadi mimpi buruk lu kalo lu ngelakuin hal tersebut. Lu download aplikasi, lu install, besok FBI ngetok rumah lu.

Mungkin satu-satunya perkataan yang gue bisa bilang: “Tapi… Tapi… Tapi”

Nah, beda sama di Indonesia. Lu pada masih bisa ngedownload gratisan, kaya seorang bajak laut yang berlayar dari torrent ke torrent, ngambil kreatifitas seseorang dan share ke internet. Nonton fillm gratisan, make aplikasi professional yang super mahal kaya CAD (tau gak? Harganya Rp 62 Jt di sini), nonton anime di fansub, sharing ratusan giga bokep ke temen-temen lu.

Tapi mungkin, kalau misalkan pemerintah kita ngeberlakuin hukum, anggaplah kaya SOPA/PIPA. Mungkin dendanya bisa nutupin seluruh hutang Indonesia.

Jadi, gue ada sedikit pertanyaan. Mungkin lu bisa jawab di komentar dibawah ini atau cukup jawab di dalem hati kaya lagi UN, karena gue ga mau lu ngebuang-buang kuota gara-gara hal yang ga berguna.

Jadi, milih yang mana? Internet cepet atau download gratisan?

Why Houston is the best place to live for Indonesian

Here you go.

Several experiments that I do in the city to know why Houston is the best place to live for Indonesian.

1. Temperature

Maybe some Indonesian think if he/she live in the US they will meet snow, that’s totally wrong guys. There’s some several places like in Houston which there’s no snowfall in the winter, but when I ask some Texanian about is it possible to snowfall here? He said – “Sometime, like 2010 there’s snow here”. That’s what we need, the place who has a nice temperature, like in Winter (End of December) I still can go outside for running, wash the car. Although sometimes I feel too cold right here.

Cuaca disini sekitar 0 – 15 derajat celcius kalau musim dingin, musim panas katanya mirip cuaca di Indonesia, Manatsu no Sounds Good!

2. I still meet Indonesian food!

Harganya “engga” banget.

The most problem of beeing Indonesian who live in west country is Food. I don’t know about a big city like NYC or D.C. But, in here I still eat rice, salt fish, noodle, I doesn’t feel like I move from my home. I still at home, but different place. You can get some Asian food in 99 Ranch Market or if you have a lot of bucks, you can eat from a Chinese restaurant.

3. This city is still growing up.

Did you know what I mean? Yes. Cause this city is still expanding, cost of living is still small for the American people. Don’t compare it with your dream city like NYC, SF or LV, It’s different. It’s same as you compare who’s have the smallest cost of living in Indonesia: Jakarta, Jaya Pura or Jogjakarta?

4. Less pollution

Even Houston the number 4 of the most populated city in the US, there’s fresh air in here.


5. The place that you will find many ethnic.

You will find everyone around the world. When I came to HCC Student Orientation a few days ago, there’s people who say that he/she is from: Vietnam, Nepal, Burkina Faso, Australia. I think Houston is like Jogja, you can meet every single ethnic from Indonesian there.

Good thing VS bad thing

Almost 1 month I’ve been here, too much the differencess about US and Indonesia. I don’t know about other city in US but I will compare the good thing and the bad thing about US and Indonesia.

I’m still in Culture Shock situation, that means I was still confuse about american people culture like when we meet our family we must hug him/her or the unwritten traffic laws about we should be altruistic.


1. Thank you with “hug”.

This is the first culture that I learn here. When someone give you something, you should hug him/her to show a good thankful impression. I think it’s a good culture that must we (Indonesian) learn. Because sometime when we give to other people the people who receive the gift was indifferent and additional information, I always see if someone give a gift to other people they always receive it with glad, they never refuse it. Because people in america always remember about “The upper hand is better than the lower hand”.

2. “Unwritten” traffic rules.

Law in america is very tight, if you’r worng that means you’r worng. Same as the “Unwritten” traffic rules, if you drive a car here you must altruistic other people first, don’t do a stingy thing like cut out other people road, turn right/left arbitrarily. We must wait until there’s someone afford a way to move, if you impose to do that. Prepare your self to have a dispute in the road.


Another tight law in america is about traffic sign, if you need to turn right you must on the road to turn right. If there’s STOP sign that means you MUST stop until your car STOP, if you don’t mind about it, prepare to meet the police.

4. Internet Speed.

asli lho ini.

I need a hi-speed internet for youtube, “I want to watch the HD”. Yes you can, US have an Incredible speed for Internet, when I was here, I always watch 1080hd for youtube and 720p for TV Streaming. Love it? Yes. But remenember, don’t do stupid thing like Pirate here.

5. Be a gentleman.

It’s okay if you’r under 18 years old, but don’t do it if you’r 18 years old or older, if there’s man/woman want to open the door and you’r behind him/her, walk faster and open the door for him/her. Sometime if you behind woman that have a high attitude they will mad to you if you don’t open the door for her, even you didn’t enter the room. Be a gentleman dude, don’t be a swag here.


1. It’s hard to pirate here.
US have supercomputer. Don’t fucked up the rules.

2. People can sue you if you harm them.
Becareful about your fault, you can be sue with them even it’s a small mistake. Don’t mess up with them.

3. Pay the software or use the free-stuff.
If you always pirate in your country don’t do it here, there’s a free-stuff like LibreOffice for alternative to Microsoft office or 3DSMax the other free alternative stuff is Blender .

4. If you don’t have money to pay the music, use YouTube.
YouTube provide you free listening the music, use it to made your day!

5. If you an Non-Immigran VISA, don’t mess up with the police.
You will deported from here.